The Unbridled Bar

All dressed up and ready for cocktail hour!

All dressed up and ready for cocktail hour!

The Unbridled Bar is vintage horse trailer converted into a mobile bar. She was handcrafted and designed with love in Jacksonville, Fl. A free-spirited bar, she creates a lovely and unique setting to wow your guests. Mobile bars are one of the top wedding trends, and we are excited to bring you our version. The Unbridled Bar’s neutral background mean it can be customized to your special day. Whether draped with fresh flowers, twinkling lights, flowing fabric, or more, we make your vision come to life. We include a custom, hand-lettered chalkboard menu, and our cocktails are fresh, creative, and delicious. Nobody really wants another boring vodka tonic to sip on at your wedding. Dare to be different.

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Let’s talk about those drinks. Boring drinks aren’t our style. Just like Divine Spirits, we offer fresh local and seasonal ingredients, fresh squeezed juices, and handcrafted cocktails. We sit down with every couple to develop a specialty menu with a “his” and “hers” drink that suits them. Go ahead and show off your personalities and tastes to all your guests.

If beer is more your thing, we have you covered too! The Unbridled Bar includes a draft beer system so we can pour one or two drafts of your choice. Take advantage of all the great craft beer Jacksonville has to offer. It’s your wedding, so relax and enjoy sipping on something you love.

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Yes, your guests are there for you, but let’s face it, the bar is a spot people gravitate to. It’s a place for people to catch up with old friends, a place to hang out or work up the courage to dance. The Unbridled bar is more than just a mobile bartending service. It’s a one of a kind space for your guests and you to revel in the day. Our bartenders treat your friends just like our own- with a big smile and a cold drink. We bring something unique to your event with refreshing beverages and a healthy dose of southern hospitality. You’ve planned every detail to reflect your taste and vision, why stop at the bar?

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